What a hot weather as summer coming! Expert for people, many plants also need a great number of water. In order to wilting, we have to water the plant several times every day. However, the hot climate makes people lazier. So you can find it is a pretty choice, which artificial plants décor your all summer. I always put the false flower in my office desk, no one believe it is phony.

As the picture, could you think the banana flower was made by handwork? Of course, we will choose high-quality and looking natural if you worry it easy to fading. Besides, we can add a green color to the dry summer. A vibrant greenery plant liable to improve tired mood, and relax us easy.

Mix the flowers in a very organic style. You want the plants to look natural you need mix varieties and intertwine the branches so they look like they’ve grown into each other to create a special view. How about this idea?

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