Artificial Flower Arranging Rules and Maintenance

  With the quickly of life ,artificial flower beautiful like the real flower but different from the delicate flowers,artificial flowers are increasingly occupying the consumer market.It is not only used in large public places such as hotel shopping malls, but also in thousands of families.More and more people are paying attention to artificial flowers, so the cleaning of artificial flowers has become a topic of concern. How to maintain the simulation flowers?

  Now artificial flower are different in the past,exquisite technology has made it difficult to distinguish between artificial flowers and real flowers.Most of artificial flower are mainly made of cotton, silk, gauze, plastic and so on.The petals, stamens, and leaves of each flower are combined with different mould and and covering a film ,not easy to stick to dust. It is not necessary to take care of it, and it can bloom for a long time.

  Household ornament artificial flower spends long time in the environment of dust (for example: outdoor use artificial flower), it is not difficult to take care of. Duster, brush and other tools can easily remove the household decorations on the surface of the dust. You can also use a hairdryer to gently blow the surface of the flowers to clean the flowers. If after years of calculation, during the period of unmaintained also can rinse off the flower head, natural drying can.

  No matter how beautiful the product itself, in the face of the ever-changing life, also will aesthetic fatigue. So, one of the advantages of artificial flower  is that it can be changed.If the host is no longer satisfied with artificial flower style and position,also can DIY. According to your own like arrangement it again.


Artificial flower arranging rules:

  1. The bedroom needs warm and quiet, so the flowers should not be too much, the color should not be miscellaneous, can be inserted into a ball or semicircle.the(peony,hydrangea)is a good choice
  1. In the dining room, the flowers should be decorated with colorful varieties,(Cymbidium orchid,Kapok) which can be inserted into a diamond, disc or triangle,(Strelitzia reginae Aiton) so that people can enjoy them from all angles.
  2. The flower art adornment of the study or desk is appropriate, small branch alone fruit, just like(blue berry ),one leaf alone flower pure and fresh, elegant and peace,relax and quiet.
  1. The bathroom, the kitchen can choose the view leaf plant that is mainly green and the grain plant that gives priority to yellow mainly, plug into vertical form is appropriate.(artificial snow berry ,hanging berry )It looks real, like real fruit,stimulate the appetite
  2. The living room arrangement can be generous, such as fan or peacock open, will appear very enthusiastic.
  3. Tea table, cabinet and so on smaller place, should use small and conical shape flower to 


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