Choosing Artificial Flowers And Bouquets For Wedding decorations

There is a bit of hype about wedding decorations with
artificial flowers and wedding bouquets. Despite bad memories of garish and ghastly
looking faux flowers from the past, artificial blooms are truly back.

artificial wedding bouquets

To Fake It Or Not Is The Question

Nothing divides a decision of flower enthusiasts like the
question of faking natural flowers. Some wonder if it is a sin or acceptable,
while others prefer to discuss the context. However, the benefits of a blended
mix of real and fake flowers are many.

Silk flowers for example, allow creation of trans-seasonal
displays and can appeal to situations where fresh flowers cannot flourish – in some
instances it reduces the cost of the vent. It’s useful to consider a few things
when using artificial flowers as part of wedding decorations or home decor.

. Use realistically looking flowers in natural colors. A true-to-nature
palette combined with artificial elements will make a life-like look much
easier to achieve.

. The touch of the petals should feel as realistic as they
look. Let them fool even the keenest eye and hand.

Artificial Flowers Vs Natural Flowers for Wedding


The fact that artificial blooms are trans-seasonal is reason
to use your favorite flowers throughout the year, because there are always in
season and available. It is a real plus for weddings and events’ organizers,
especially if they cannot control the date of the events.

Let’s say that you love peonies and have no choice about to
fix your wedding in autumn: choosing artificial peonies and blending them with
real flowers means that you are set to throw your wedding in autumn.

In recent years, the silk flower has come a long way with
lots of options, therefore, its easy to choose a wide range of styles in a
beautiful array of colors. This will give you the complete finish for your
wedding bouquet or arrangement.


Artificial flowers do not require pruning or watering, are
easy to clean, and they come in variety of colors. Since they are extremely
practical, they have the advantage of withstanding all the troubles that come
with wedding planning. They will not wither during warm weathers and cannot be
damaged. For some couples, saving some flowers from their wedding day is a real

artificial blooms

7 Advantages Of Artificial Flowers for wedding

Flowers are a major part of decorating – be it a wedding
bouquet, a centerpiece or a beautiful bunch of gerberas on the kitchen table. It’s
therefore important to consider artificial flowers and foliage on your next
floral arrangement.

Here are reasons why you should consider artificial blooms:

1. The cost
When flowers are cut and arranged into a colorful wedding
bouquet, there are plenty expensive. In as much as silk flowers vary in prices;
they generally cost half the price of natural flowers.

If you are planning a wedding, consider artificial
arrangements for centerpieces and wedding bouquets. Since they are inexpensive,
you don’t have to panic switching your arrangements as often as you prefer.

2. Permanence
Just remember that your choice of design can last a
lifetime. They are durable and sturdy unlike natural flowers that can fall
apart, wilt and tear before you say your solemn vows. You can keep them as memento
to remember your wedding day.

Since there are permanent, they are great home decors as
well. Fresh flowers are only good for a few days before they expire and begin
to rot.

The fun fact is that artificial flowers are great props for
use in the entertainment industry. Making a film or a documentary takes months,
and if a certain scene requires blooms, it can be very expensive to keep
replacing the floral display to sustain the scene for continuity purposes.

3. Environmental-friendly
Amazingly, artificial flowers especially those made of silk
are more environmentally friendlier than their natural counterparts – it all
has to with how they are transported from the manufacturers. Due to their long
shelf-life, they are mostly transported by ship rather than air freight. According
to research findings, this is the best way to transport goods because it
reduces the production of carbon dioxide.

Farmers of real flowers use chemical fertilizers and other
environmentally harmful pesticides that mess up the environment. Take this into
consideration and go with artificial floral arrangements for health purposes.

4. Seasons
Artificial flowers don’t depend on climate changes. You therefore
don’t need to worry about your flowers wilting in summer and drying up in
winter. You can have your theme wedding anytime of the year.

5. Transportation Ease
You don’t need to buy expensive cooling boxes to move your floral
arrangements when you have artificial blooms. They will not change color or
shape due to extreme shipping temperatures and you can always restyle them once
their reach their destination.

6. Good For Allergic People
For people who are allergic to pollen and bee stings, fresh
flowers can be a real pain to consider. Artificial flowers can be placed
anywhere without worrying about allergic patrons. They are also good for people
with odor issues and cannot tolerate the aroma from flowers.

Although the choice between real and artificial flowers
boils down to personal tastes, note that with modern technology, the blooms
look very real and feel like lifelike. It’s almost impossible to tell the


Check out the greenhouse wedding trend, working more plants
that depict everyday lives. Connect with nature and find balance. The millennial
park designs and floral crowns will amaze you. The oasis flower arrangements
are irresistible.

Final Take

With our modern artificial blooms, the colors are very clear
and every stem is cheerful and pert. The idea is not to resemble botanical
paintings, where they aim to be meticulously accurate, but to recapture and
recreate natural atmosphere of a flower. The aim is not to achieve an exact
replica or to copy nature but much more interested in anatomical recreation in
a realistic style. It is about capturing the memories of the flower’s form and to
bring out those qualities to satisfy customer preferences.

artificial flowers for wedding decoration

Check out for the available flower arrangements for your wedding
bouquets, wedding decoration and other events. You will see a big difference
between our artificial flower arrangements and fresh flowers.

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