Importance of artificial flowers for your home decor.

Artificial flowers have a bad reputation and most of us if not all would not think even for a second to choose them over natural flowers since they can be spotted from a mile away as fake.

Thanks to technology, they now look more realistic and beautiful for home use and this is because they have been made different with different materials than they were being made long time ago. Artificial materials range from plastic flowers, silk flowers and foam flowers. All artificial materials are made from latex which is a material that makes flowers become more realistic and you would mistake them to being natural flowers.

Below are some advantages as to why you should consider artificial flowers;

1. They are eco-friendly - they are environment friendly compared to their sisters, natural flowers and one of the reasons why is because of how they are shipped. Artificial flowers are transported slowly by sea instead of air. This type of shipment will reduce production of carbon dioxide. Many of the flower growers normally depend on chemical fertilizers and unfortunately a large percentage of the chemicals are illegal and they contribute to contamination of soil and also cause certain health problems for the workers. So, to avoid all this, go the environmental way and go for artificial flowers for your house.

2. Low maintenance - they don't require any attention, you wont have to worry about watering them every now and then. The stems don't need regular cutting, petals also don't need rearranging; they are beautiful they way they are and they will stay that way for a long time. Unlike natural flowers, artificial flowers can go for more than seven days thus purchasing flowers every week and replacing them wont be necessary. They are fully bloomed so you do not need to wait and see if they will open fully, just make sure to dust and wipe them regularly so that they remain fresh and beautiful.

3. They are pocket friendly - flowers are very expensive especially when they are prepared and arranged into bouquets. Though artificial flowers vary in price, they cost half of what natural flowers range. The lower the price, the less durable they are and the less realistic they look. Prices will increase when they are more detailed as the arrangements are of a high quality. In case you are planning a wedding, purchase your artificial flowers in advance and have a feel of what the arrangement will look like and if you are not comfortable with the arrangements, you can then order in advance and give you some room to arrange how you like. Since the flowers are not expensive, you wont feel a pinch if you keep on switching your arrangements as often as you like.

4. No expiration date - artificial flowers are sturdy and durable compared to natural flowers which are actually prone to falling apart or tearing, so buying artificial flowers will be the best choice since they can stay for a long time and even be a memento for years to come. Natural flowers can only stay for five or less days before they go bad but when you store your artificial flowers well and arrange them well, they can last for a lifetime. Since they can last for a long time, artificial flowers have been a favorite for the entertainment industry since they can go for days and weeks without loosing their beauty and can still be used to film a whole movie compared to natural flowers which become very expensive to replace every now and then because of wilting especially under hot climate.

5. Hypoallergenic - allergies are a real pain for most of us especially those who are allergic to pollen. When you purchase artificial flowers, you can be able to place them everywhere and anywhere without having to sneeze or feel uncomfortable. They are also good for people who are sensitive to odors and cant tolerate the smell of fresh flowers. At the end of the day, the choice between natural and artificial flowers will depend with one's preference but always keep in mind that with today's technology, artificial flowers now look beautiful and more realistic and sometime it becomes even hard to tell them apart.

6. Climate - Artificial flowers do not depend on weather changes to look beautiful. So you wont need to worry about them wilting during summer and getting dry in winter. Also if you have a wedding in a tropical climate and walking down the aisle with a bouquet of roses, artificial flowers will be the better choice since they thrive in different temperatures.

7. Easy to transport - no matter where you are traveling to, whether its to your new home or a new office, your flowers wont wilt due to the extreme shipping temperatures. You can place them in a box when moving to a new place and since they are more resistant, the shape and color of the flowers will not deteriorate and its blossoms will still be restyled once you arrive at your destination.

Also note that artificial flowers are sun resistant and thus good for the exterior of your home. They will turn your lawn into a flowery garden without having to dig, weed or hedge. You don't even have to do any heavy lifting for you to get your lawn beautiful so why not consider buying artificial flowers other than natural flowers.

When you weigh the pros and cons of natural flowers versus artificial flowers, you will find yourself wondering why you went for natural flowers in the first place and considering today's methods of manufacturing and the latest technology, artificial flowers will astonish you. Artificial flowers and Artificial plants have even become favorites for weddings since they last longer and you cannot actually tell the difference between them and natural flowers especially during the winter weather when other types of flowers are not available. Though they don't have the delicateness of real flowers, artificial flowers will last for a long time and also save you a lot of money.

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