Wedding Decoration with Artificial Flowers and Bouquets

Flowers are still one of an essential component of wedding ceremonies. Aside from setting the tone, wedding flowers help to determine your color palette and reflect your style. Nowadays, many brides are opting to use artificial flowers and bouquets in place of live cut stems, and for a good reason. Real flowers come with an array of limitations, which can end up ruining your special day. If you are still undecided regarding choosing between real and artificial flowers, below are several reasons that you should consider artificial ones as this is most important ever to a number of people who are much involved in this. 

Rinlong artificial wedding bouquets

One main drawback associated with real flowers is that they are prone to wilting in hot climatic conditions. You can wake up to the fresh flowers looking sad, deflated and browned. This situation often occurs during summer, whereby the cut flowers are rendered incapable of tolerating heat and humidity. Conversely, artificial flowers and bouquets will remain to look new throughout, regardless of the weather conditions.

Surprisingly, artificial flowers are more eco-friendly than their real counterparts. Similar to other cut floral parts, real flowers have a short lifespan. When you opt for real flowers, all you can do is throw your blooms and foliages in the trash can once the ceremony ends. However, with the latter option, you can store and reuse them in future events.

Although flowers are beautiful and help to brighten up your celebration, they also cause an array of problems for allergy victims including red eyes, runny noses, and itchy skin. When you go artificial, you will never have to worry about your guests ending up with watery eyes or having pesky insects chase you down the aisle for the flowers.

Gives Peace of Mind
If you choose artificial flowers from our vendor, we will deliver them to your wedding venue as soon as they are created. It means that you can have your wedding flowers and wedding bouquets, months before your special day. For most brides, this provides immense relief as it is one less thing to worry about in your wedding preparation.

Easy portability
Another admirable feature regarding artificial flowers is that they are easy to pack and transport. In fact, they can be transported to different parts across the globe. Most of them are light weight, and all they require upon delivery is a little tweak, and they'll be ready for display. You can even put them in a suitcase and bring them along if you are having an away wedding.

Still look real
Nowadays, there are some pretty creative designers with skills to make artificial flowers look real. Thanks to the invention of green technology and other eco-friendly concepts, modern artificial flowers no longer have a plasticky look. You can have the most glamorous artificial flowers made only from recyclable fabric and with organic vegetable colors.

Rinlong Flowers for Wedding Decoration

Are you looking to purchase artificial flowers and bouquets, here are eight of our favorite artificial centerpieces.

Artificial Flocked Lavender Bouquet
Lavender flowers are used to decorate a broad range of events. Thanks to their purple color, these flowers work just as well in summer and spring, as they do in the fall season. This flocked lavender bouquet is a standalone piece, so you do not have to worry about adding other floral or greenery elements.

Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquet
Peonies are another popular choice when it comes to wedding decoration. Sadly, these flowers only bloom during specific months of the year. Although pricier than other types, these flowers can work well as a centerpiece or in a bouquet. For each of these artificial wedding bouquets, you will get 13 items that include six flowers and two buds.

Real Touch Mini Artificial Tulips
Tulips are a type of classic flowers. These flowers have a crisp white color that makes them a perfect addition to your wedding. Real tulips are susceptible to quick opening and wilting. Luckily, you will not have to worry about such aspects when you purchase this artificial set.

Dancing Lady Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement
An easy way to make your reception look gorgeous is to play around with the depth and height of your décor items. Using only short arrangements makes the room to look a little bit plain. These eye-catching faux stems add height and life to your décor.

Mixed Silk Flower Centerpiece
Some couples opt for rectangular table arrangements for their weddings. If you have chosen this, you should complement it with similar floral patterns such as the mixed silk flower centerpieces. In addition to being aesthetically attractive, these flowers take up more space on the table; hence, you can spend less in covering the surface.

Artificial Hydrangea in Grey-Washed Wood Cube
These are some high-quality artificial flowers that come potted and ready to display on your reception tables. Most importantly, they are available in a vast range of colors. There is no doubt that you will find a shade that matches your theme color.

Artificial Earl Rose Bouquet
These beautiful set of roses help to create a vintage themed look. The synthetic pearl rose bouquet has soft and romantic shades of mauve, green and pink that makes it perfect for any wedding.

Decorative Mini Artificial Succulents
It is not surprising to find couples that do not want flowers as part of their wedding décor. There are still tons of alternatives of decorating your venue, and ones that do not involve flowers. This set that consists of beautiful succulents, is a contemporary décor item taking up very minimal space, while still offering a touch of fresh, well-designed greenery.

If you weigh the pros of artificial wedding flowers against their real counterparts, you will never want to consider real flowers for any event. Artificial flowers are equally beautiful, easy to transport, eco-friendly and last long. More importantly, these flowers will never trigger allergic reactions, making them ideal for individuals that suffer from pollen allergy. If you plan to purchase some artificial blooms for your wedding, the best centerpieces in the market include the Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers Bouquet, Real Touch Mini Artificial Tulips, and the Mixed Silk Flower Centerpiece.




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