Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage

Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower

I was absolutely blown away by the ease and beauty that Rinlong Flower brought to my wedding planning. Their corsages, featuring a pearl wrist band that suits most wrist sizes, are stunning and hassle-free, making every aspect of my big day effortlessly flawless! - Hannah


Just last week, over 3,369 brides chose Rinlong Flower to effortlessly say goodbye to wedding planning stress.


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The Best Wrist & Shoulder Corsages

Elegant Charm, Lasting Beauty

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Rinlong's wrist and shoulder corsages bring the authentic beauty of nature to your special occasions. Crafted with attention to detail, each piece mirrors the delicate structure and vibrant colors of real flowers, providing a touch of natural elegance that lasts. Whether for weddings, proms, or any celebratory event, our corsages offer the perfect blend of realism and artistry to complement your outfit.

Brides Adored, Photographers Endorsed


Brides agreed that our corsages are remarkably realistic and enhanced their special day's ambiance


Wedding photographers preferred our corsages for enhancing photo aesthetics


Customers found our corsages easy to wear and adjust, improving their event experience

Why Choose Rinlong Wedding Flowers?

Rinlong Wrist Corsages

  • Perennial Perfection
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Forever Vibrant
  • Season-Independent
  • Easy to use

The Other Wrist Corsages

  • Fleeting Beauty
  • Expensive
  • Transient Colors
  • Seasonally Bound
  • Preparation Needed

5 Stars Reviews

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Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower
Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage - Rinlong Flower

Package: Burnt Orange Wrist Corsages * 1

Material: Crafted from premium silk and foam flowers and lush greenery, this wrist corsage features a captivating ensemble of burnt orange rose and peony, delicate cream white roses, rich dark berries, elegant gold leaves, and an assortment of greenery leaves.

Comfortable Wear: Adjustable faux pearl wristlet ensures a custom, comfortable fit.

This Burnt Orange Wrist Corsage is an ideal accessory for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, proms, and homecomings. It features a beautiful combination of burnt orange roses and peonies, exuding elegance and sophistication. Perfect for adding a romantic touch to your ensemble.

    • Timeless Elegance
    • Allergy-Safe
    • Eco-Friendly
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    Why Rinlong Wrist & Shoulder Corsages?

    Bridal Showers & Rehearsals - Beautifully crafted to add a floral charm to the bride's ensemble, making every moment picture-perfect.

    Mother's Day & Anniversaries - A heartfelt and lasting gift that expresses love and appreciation, elevating the day's significance.

    Corporate Events & Galas - Provides a sophisticated flair to your professional attire, making an impression that lasts.


    What Our Customers Say

    96% of customers loved their Rinlong Silk Corsages

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    "Came across Rinlong's corsages on Pinterest and thought they looked beautiful, but you never know with online shopping. I decided to order one for my daughter's prom, keeping my expectations low because of the price point. To my delight, the corsage was exquisite, far exceeding anything we could find locally. My daughter was thrilled, and it made her night even more special. Thank you, Rinlong, for the quality and service. We will be coming back for more!"

    Natalie D.

    Verified Purchase

    corsage review-5.jpg__PID:65e7c36f-9382-4710-89a2-edc8d269ea9b

    "I'm beyond pleased with my purchase of a shoulder corsage from Rinlong. The adjustable strap meant it sat comfortably all night, without any need for readjustments. The quality is exceptional, with every petal and leaf crafted to perfection. It truly brought my outfit together, adding just the right touch of elegance. Plus, it's so durable, I'll definitely be wearing it to more events!"

    Ava T.

    Verified Purchase

    corsage review-2.jpg__PID:d88565e7-c36f-4382-9710-89a2edc8d269

    "Can I just say wow!?

    My best friend surprised me with a Rinlong shoulder corsage for my bridal shower, and it was a showstopper. 🌸🌹

     It matched my dress perfectly and made me feel like a garden princess. I'm definitely getting another one for my wedding day. Rinlong, you've got yourselves a fan for life!"

    The Martins

    Verified Purchase

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 194 reviews
    Susan Hobbs
    Beautiful and Realistic

    So pretty! These wrist corsages are amazing. They fit on the wrist easily and look incredibly real. I absolutely love them!

    Maria Rowan
    Perfect Color and Size

    I was delighted with this burnt orange wrist corsage. It was exactly as shown in the pictures, with the perfect color and size. The quality was excellent, and it kept its shape throughout my event. It was a great addition to my ensemble and added a touch of elegance. If you're looking for a reliable and beautiful wrist corsage, this is a great choice!

    Looks Great!

    This wrist corsage is just what we needed. The burnt orange color perfectly matched our wedding theme, and we easily adjusted a couple of elements to suit our style. Very satisfied with this purchase!

    A beautiful accessory!

    The corsage added a touch of class to my look. The dense green leaves and flowers blend so well. It's a work of art. The dark berries added a touch of sophistication.

    Gabriella King
    Memorable and Vibrant Accessory

    This vibrant corsage was a memorable accessory for my outfit. It stood out in the best way.